brain.jpgOn Monday I will write on demand, focusing on the topic with ample supporting details and little or no extraneous information, drawing upon experiences and observations. I will also, today and for the rest of the week, use an effective writing process that includes pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and finally publishing.

Semester 2


Week 9 (February 27 - March 2)

Because you have been studying the Middle Ages to the Renaissance in your geography unit, this week's writing assignment will be to write a descriptive paragraph describing some aspect of the Middle Ages or Renaissance that you found interesting. Remember that in a descriptive paragraph you are to describe your topic so well that your readers see a picture in their heads. Use active verbs and interesting adjectives and adverbs to describe your topic.

Week 5 (January 30 - February 3)


As you continue to work through the systems of the human body in science while you are working through business letter writing in English, you will work to put these two ideas together in a R.A.F.T. writing assignment (Role/Audience/Format/Topic). This week's assignment is to choose one body system to write a business letter to another body system that discusses some issue between the two systems. Is your heart working way harder than it should because your integumentary system is carrying around too much fat? Is your muscular system having difficulty because of something going wrong in your skeletal system? Choose your own Role (which body system are you?), Audience (which body system are you addressing?), remember that your Format is a business letter, and decide your own Topic (what is the problem you will be addressing & describing in your letter?) Remember to use proper business letter conventions.

Role: Choose a human body system that will address an issue with another system

Audience: Choose a human body system to write to that your first chosen body system is having an issue with

Format: Business letter

Topic: Choose the issue or problem occurring with your audience body system that is causing trouble for the body system that is writing the letter.

Weeks 2 & 3 (January 9-20) Writing Assignment


As you are reading The People Could Fly by Virginia Hamilton this week, write an essay in which you describe the theme of two or more stories from The People Could Fly . Explain how the stories are similar and what their importance is. Use details from both stories to support your answer. In your essay, be sure to include the following:

·A description of the theme from both stories

·An explanation of how the stories are similar and why they are important

·Details from both stories to support your answer


•Shows a good understanding of the theme

•Addresses all aspects of the task

•Shows an ability to analyze, evaluate, and compare the issues and events

•Supports essay with relevant facts, examples, and details

•Demonstrates a well-developed essay with a logical and clear plan of organization

•Includes the theme by establishing a framework that is beyond a simple restatement of the task and concludes with a summation of the theme

Semester 1

Week 3 (Dec. 12-16) Creative Writing Prompt:

Because you have been studying Ancient Greece and Rome in your geography unit, this week's creative writing will be to write a story about what it was like living as a teenage boy in Ancient Greece. You have been studying the difference in perspectives from Ancient Greece to modern-day America, from Athenians to Spartans, from Greeks to Persians, and from young/old, female/male. As we think about writing, you will continue to think about these geography and history perspectives and add to them the writing perspective of first-person narrative as you follow the R.A.F.T. below.

Role: A teenage boy who lives in ancient Athens, Greece, describing

Audience: Modern-day people

Format: first-person narrative story

Topic: What it was like to live in Ancient Greece

Save your work on a Word document with the file name "Life in Ancient Greece."

Week 2 (Dec. 5-9) Creative Writing prompt: Poetry

Review the PowerPoint about Casey at the Bat, paying close attention to the information regarding the iambic heptameter and couplets and rhyme scheme aabb. Choose a topic you would like to write a poem about in iambic heptameter and the aabb rhyme scheme. Write at least two four-line stanzas about your chosen topic.


Your Week 1 Creative Writing prompt is Harris Burdick's Image 1: "Archie Smith, Boy Wonder."

(found at

Create a story from the picture prompt you see. What does this image titled "Archie Smith, Boy Wonder" and the line, "A tiny voice asked, 'Is he the one?'" make you think of? What characters come to mind to accompany Archie Smith in your story? What is the setting of your story? What conflict do you envision? And what is your resolution? Remember to use good descriptive language with active verbs and interesting adjectives and adverbs.

Remember to save your work. When you are done with your final draft, copy and paste it to the discussion tab above.

Be creative and have fun!