brain.jpgI will use a variety of strategies and skills to comprehend and interpret fiction. I will also read with fluency, silently and aloud, to support my comprehension. I will also use a variety of strategies to expand my reading vocabulary.

Semester 2

February is Black History Month.

"The People Could Fly: American Black Folktale," by Virginia Hamilton




"Encounter with Martin Luther King Jr.,"

by Maya Angelou, part of her autobiography

Maya Angelou on Dr. King and courage...


"The Noble Experiment," by Jackie Robinson,

as told to Alfred Duckett,

part of Robinson's autobiography

Semester 1

"Casey at the Bat," by Ernest Lawrence Thayer

Vocabulary: 1) patron - person who supports, 2) multitude - a large group, 3) melancholy - depressed, 4) doff - to tip as a greeting, 5) writhe - twist and squirm, 6) defiance - bold disobedience, 7) haughty - arrogant or cocky, 8) grandeur - impressiveness, 9) unheeded - not noticed, 10) visage - facial expresion, 11) tumult - confused noise, 12) bade - ordered.

Lee Samuel, Student, Atlanta, Georgia reciting his favorite poem on

"The Scholarship Jacket," by Marta Salinas

"A Retrieved Reformation," by O. Henry