Semester 2


I will learn about conventions generally established in spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, syntax, and style. I will also learn about effective writing skills for the purpose of creating business letters, friendly letters, and newspaper articles.

Newspaper ArticlesNewspaper_Triangle

Writing with the 5Ws & an H:

You will be reporting on an event of your choice. Remember that in a newspaper article, the most important information is provided at the beginning (remember the upside-down triangle). You will write a newspaper article that effectively provides readers with the most important information about your chosen situation in an interesting manner.


Nouns & Business Letters

Read Lesson 1 pages 34-38; wkbk 31 & 32

Read Lesson 2 pages 39-41; wkbk p. 34 & 35

Next spelling unit

Read Lesson 3 pages 42-43; wkbk p. 37 & 38

Read lesson 4 pages 45-46; wkbk p. 40-41

Read lesson 5 pages 47-49; wkbk p. 43-42

Review for test over Nouns

Hand in spelling unit

Spelling test and Chapter 2 test

New spelling unit

Write a business letter from one body system to another body system which addresses an issue between the body systems.

Friendly Letters


Choose someone to write a thank you letter to, following the format below.


Semester 1

7th Grade Research Paper

brain.jpgIn my research paper, I will engage in the information literacy process by accessing, evaluating, and communicating information and ideas. I will also adhere to conventions generally established in spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, syntax, and style appropriate to the genre and writing situation. Lastly I will use writing as a tool for learning, while also incorporating technology as a tool to enhance my writing.

Research Paper Purpose: You will write a research paper about a topic you select. You must develop questions about this invention and conduct research to answer those questions.

Research Paper Outcome: You will present your research in a typed, double-spaced, 2-page paper. To present your research findings to the class, you will create a PowerPoint presentation.